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Well the big 31, I don’t feel 31 and it’s kind of scary. I still think of myself as 25 in a lot of ways (most ways.) Maybe that’s part of the problem. I’m still pretty irresponsible in my day to day life, it just bothers me more. I’m discovering more and more that I operate in “pause” mode too often. It takes something to drive me forward, not exactly the most successful attitude. I get along okay, I just wonder how successful I would be if I wasn’t so damn lazy. Hopefully this is something that will change over time (more time I mean.) I just hope I’m not too old to enjoy life when I finally figure this all out (or at least this part.)

Went to Manchester on Thursday (May 29) to celebrate [my birthday] with the folks, Ben and Renee at Outback. Afterwords Cara and I took the opportunity to catch Xmen 2. Not much to say about the movie (I thought it was good.)

I ventured out to the Hartford area again on Saturday as Cara worked on her second to last ICU rotation. I worked on my parent’s computers (and ended up barely any better off than when I started.) Then Brian and I hung out at his friend John’s house and played Halo across two Xboxes. Good fun.

Today Cara left for a week in Florida. She’s attending a conference (and taking some vacation time as well.) Meanwhile I’m stuck here at home (which isn’t too much of a problem.) We haven’t seen a lot of each other over the last six weeks while she did a couple tough rotations, so this isn’t that much different. She deserves some time off too.

I stopped by the music store in New London and picked up a practice amp for my Bass. I was tired of hooking it up through the computer or stereo, this works out much better. I also picked up a guitar stand to make life a little easier.

We’re working on the wedding plans too, our tentative date is July 16, 2005 right now. We want to figure out our budget and put a deposit down on some place sooner rather than later. ‘