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Computers oh my!

Posted: September 5, 2003 in Computing

I broke down and bought a second iBook for Cara (mostly for when she’s on the road.) I really can’t say enough about these machines. My brother (the linux/PC nut,) said he’s even thinking of getting one. Basically I got an identical one to mine, but without the CD-R/DVD drive.

I’m still hunting for a 23″ Cinema display to replace the 22″, but I just don’t want to part with the $1800 quite yet. I’ve been doing a fair amount of print work, and some personal projects, and the 22″ + 19″ combination still seems a little constraining (it’s funny when you consider my first Mac was 512×384 black and white and now I complain that an effective 2752×1024 just isn’t big enough.)

On another front I surfed on over to Milkville and noticed that Jon bought a 350Z. I think that’s cool (I’ve thought about getting one many times, but just couldn’t justify it.)’

Quick ship

Posted: September 5, 2003 in Jeep

Holly crap, my skid plates from Skidrow came in no time at all. I think it took 2 days from order to my door. Now I just gotta find some time to install them. I did spend a little time this afternoon cutting down the rear bumper caps to fit with the new fender flares.

Jeepin and stuff.

Posted: September 4, 2003 in Jeep

I recently finished putting the fender flares on the Cherokee and things are looking pretty sweet. I removed a lot of the molding on the doors and it really cleaned up the look. I still need to recenter the front end and level things out.

rnrnTo that end I recently put in an order for shims and u-bolts (since I already have the brackets to bump up the rear end.) I just have to try to keep the driveline vibrations down to a minimum. While I was at it I spent some $$ on skidplates for the engine and transfer case (one of the last things I need to get on before I can consider the Cherokee ready for serious offroading duty.) I need to pick up a grease gun, and arrange about 5-6 hours of work and things should be in good shape.


Posted: September 2, 2003 in General

Welcome to the new web log. This is certainly a work in progress with more to come in the next couple weeks.

rnrnEnjoy the evolution!