Men & Women, and so on…

Posted: October 6, 2003 in General

Cara got home late last night after a fun 16 hour drive from Chicago. She said she really enjoyed herself, and I think if it weren’t for the crazy drive she’d be itching to get back there really soon (although when I suggested the possibility of living in the Chicago area she wasn’t too keen on that idea.)

I was thinking about “cleaning”. I picked things up pretty well before she got home (not that the place was TOO much of a pit.) It did start me thinking about one of stereotypical differences between men and women, and that is cleaning. It’s funny to think what is “good enough” for a man is not passable for most women. I wonder why that is.

It’s not that we as men like dirt, hell I love it when the place is clean, makes me feel… well clean! organized. Dare I say civilized? I don’t think it’s because we’re lazy or don’t think it’s important. Well… actually it could be because we’re lazy and it isn’t THAT important.

I drove out to East Hartford to hang out with Brian over the weekend. His new home is a pretty decent place. It’s a pretty standard “house” kind of house, but he’s happy with the place. I have to admit I have a certain amount of jealousy in regard to it (just intensifies that “want”.) Of course that said, as he’s started making modifications to it, it’s started to hit his pocketbook (or lack thereof.)

We caught a showing of “The Rundown” which was a pretty enjoyable flick.


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