Yippie… or… not

Posted: October 17, 2003 in Automotive, General, Lotus

Well I got the Lotus it’s (or should that be her) temporary registration. Drove it around for a bit on Wed. It has some serious problems with the front wheels. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure it out. I have a couple ideas which I’ll test out over the next couple days. At least I might figure out what the problem is and have it fixed in time to still drive the car for a couple weeks.

In the meantime I was in Rocky Hill working on Virtual Painting’s site I think things are well under way there and they might roll it out in a couple weeks. After words I stopped by Aaron’s new(ish) shop and said hi. He’s really put together something good and I’m glad to see he’s doing well. We talked for a bit before I headed home.


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