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Posted: January 30, 2004 in Automotive, Lotus

So, I’ve been investigating lowing the Lotus a bit. Overall the car looks a little dated (since it is 21 years old,) but this is mostly due to a couple things. It’s ride hight, it’s wheel diameter and the louvers on the rear. I plan on modifying each in turn. The problem is that there’s hardly any after-market for these cars. I think I may have finally found a solution to lower the car. Next will be finding wheels (which are also non standard, so that will be another task.)

On another front, we found out earlier this week that Cara passed her board exam. Basically it means that she will be a registered Veterinarian once she graduates in May (she’ll be registered in CT.) In a couple months we’ll find out where her internship will be (or even if she is going to do an internship.)

GarageBand and more

Posted: January 20, 2004 in Computing, General

I picked up Apple’s iLife ’04. Played around with GarageBand for a while. Very cool stuff, but using Apple’s supplied loops get boring after a while. I’m considering picking up a cheap USB/Midi keyboard. This is certainly a good excuse for me to start playing my bass again as well.

I also recently got my VR tripod head and new lens for the camcorder. I need to build an adapter for the tripod head, it wasn’t exactly made for a camera with the length of a camcorder (I’m off by just a little.)

Freaking cold

Posted: January 15, 2004 in General

It’s freaking cold. -6 degrees (and as says “Feels like” -28.) Walking around outside today was interesting, it’s so dry the snow on the ground squeeks. I decided to turn the heat way down on the thermostat downstairs. Damn electric heat is going to kill us this month.

Cara went on an interview down in Southeastern CT for an internship. She likes this place, so there’s the potential that we might decide to move down there this Summer. I really don’t look forward to moving, but I think the job opportunities will be better down there (hell all of NYC could potentially open up.)’

I admit it

Posted: January 2, 2004 in General

I admit it, I’ve been bad at keeping this thing updated. Been feeling very… well uninspired. That said, I know I’ll be disappointed with myself if I don’t at least make the attempt at writing every so often.

Tuesday I drove to my parent’s house then went over to Victor Research to take some pictures (some of the Lotus.) I had a big brain fart when I realized later that getting a .75x lens adapter for my camcorder does not give me a wider field than a .5x or so (hitting self on head.) So I ordered ANOTHER lens. Basically I’m trying to get set up to do Quicktime VR stuff, but I need a good wide angle to capture as much as possible.