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Damn, weddings are not cheap. Cara and I are meeting with a photographer in a couple weeks. The photographer is really good, but she’s not cheap, basically twice our budgeted $2000 for a photographer. The up side is that I might be able to trade services with her (so maybe if I can do 20-40 hours of work for her, we might get some significant savings.)

I still have to worry about doing taxes (which are going to kill me.) Even though I don’t know how much money I really have (since I figure I’ll owe the government at least 10k and probably closer to 15.) I figured it was time to buy some of the software I’ve been using.

I bought a copy of Photoshop last year, but I’ve been using Illustrator and Indesign more and more recently. I decided to shell out the $550 for the Adobe Design Package which means I’ll be almost 100% legal with my software soon. I know that I’ll probably never have to worry about someone knocking on my door, but it feels good to actually own the software.


Posted: March 3, 2004 in General

Damn I have to write in this thing more often… so much has happened in the last number of weeks.

Big news is I’m moving back to the Hartford area. Cara is taking an internship in West Bridgewater, MA which is more than an hour away. I hate moving, and I hate that we’ll be living separate from each other, but I think there are up sides too. One of the nice things is that Cara will actually be making some money now so I won’t be 100% responsible for making sure rent gets paid, etc. Hopefully this means we’ll be able to make some headway and not only catch up with our finances, but get some money stowed for next year.

In Lotus news: I stopped by to drop off a bung to be welded into the exhaust (so I can use my new datalogger to tune the car,) and I also tried to remove the speedometer from the gauge cluster. It looks like it may be a bigger deal than I thought (I’ll have to disassemble the whole gauge pod,) so I might just wait (I’m actually considering seeing if I can get an after-market electronic gauge instead.) I’m going to try to get the car back home for April 1.

I’m bouncing to Rocky Hill a couple times a week to work at Foresite Technologies, and I’ll start doing some work for Pfizer (again) in the next couple weeks. Overall things are looking up. I’m doing a fair amount of creative stuff, and some technical stuff too. The biggest problem is that I’m stuck on my iBook doing most of the production (which it’s just a bit too slow to do.)