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Posted: April 25, 2004 in General, Lotus

It was a cool but sunny day today so I convinced Cara to go for a ride in the Lotus. She really doesn’t like the car all that much, not that I expect anything more. This is one of the many ways that we are quite different. She’s a “point A to point B” kind of person, with a bit of the added “in whatever saves the most gas.” Although the Lotus doesn’t eat gas as much as the Jeep (although theoretically it’s hard to figure out what kind of milage I’m getting when the speedo/trip doesn’t work.)

Anyway, we went to lunch. She did comment that it was “stinky”. Which is that sweet smell of gasoline and exhaust fumes. I don’t mind all that much, but she is right it does tend to be smellier than need be. Again I attribute some of this to the carbs needing tuning. I guess we’ll have to see how it all smells after that.

After lunch I dropped her off back at home and spent another hour cruising around. Mostly looking for a good place to take a couple pictures, but also, just for the hell of it. I finally found a decent spot to take a couple pictures (which you can see on the mechanical page,) before heading home.



Posted: April 23, 2004 in Automotive, General, Lotus

I finally got the Lotus home on Wed. I drove it around quite a bit on Wed and Thursday (and would have done the same if it weren’t for the rain.)

Of course now I just have more projects to do. Starting on Saturday I’m going to pull some parts off the carbs and make sure they are stock before putting an order for a rebuild kit from England.

Hopefully once I rebuild the carbs the car will pass emissions, then I can settle down and do some of the more esoteric repairs that need to be done (like fixing the speedometer.)

Either way, it’s drivable now, and I’m very happy.

Another month goes by…

Posted: April 14, 2004 in General

So here it is… another month since I’ve written. I’m pretty fucking bad at this eh?

So what’s up eh? Well I’ve been busting hump on a shitload of projects. I actually got more done on the new TongueStud catalog, that project is just ginormous (I spent about 16 hours on it in the last 5 days and I still have a lot to do.) I’m also trying to button up the new Victor Research site which should roll out on the 15th (and that’s just the start of that project too.)

Of course I’ve also been doing contract work in Rocky Hill at Foresite (which is one of the reasons I’m moving back to Hartford this summer.)

Of course then we have taxes… arghhh… Self Employment Tax sucks major donkey dick. So all my money will be gone when I write an $8000 check in a couple days.

I’m not the only one who drags heels when it comes to projects… The Lotus still isn’t back in my possession (yet.) I’ve been promised (again) to have it at the end of this week (which of course I’m gone this weekend.)

Of course, then the real work begins on that too. I have to pull the jets on the carbs and see if they’re stock or not. If they’re not I have to order a shit load of parts for the Italian carbs (from the UK of all places.) And rebuild the carbs.

Hopefully then, with a lot of finger crossing it will pass emissions.

So here it is… thirty minutes after midnight on April 14th. And I notice my weather widget shows the outside temp being 60 degrees. Now this is freakish. First off, it has yet to hit 60 this year (it’s gotten damn close though,) it was either rainy or REALLY rainy all day today (the hour drive home was fun.) And it was maybe 50 degrees all day. Now here it is… middle of the night and it’s summertime outside.

Not that I mind.

I’m out….