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Rebuilt calipers

Posted: May 29, 2004 in Lotus

Spent some time at Aaron’s shop rebuilding the front calipers, it does indeed look like one of the pistons on the passenger side was frozen (I think it was the outboard piston.) I have my doubts about the rebuild, but I guess we’ll see how much brake dust accumulates over the next 1k miles or so.I ordered new pads from JAE, but I’m hoping some sandpaper on the rotors will save them. Also when I pulled the calipers off I noticed that the bushings for the sway bars were destroyed (due to age and use,) so I ordered a new set of those as well.I’m also going to swap my front wheels and see if that helps the vibration at all. I know that the age of the tires and the slightly out of round stock wheel can’t be helping matters.

Doctors and such

Posted: May 24, 2004 in General

Well it’s official Cara is now a Doctor. We went to her graduation yesterday, which was pretty good. The weather cooperated (mostly,) and getting our families together proved to be interesting.

Death wobble and brakes

Posted: May 21, 2004 in Jeep

I rotated my tires and did new brake pads and rotors yesterday. My front tires were pretty badly worn due to alignment issues. I’ll have to get the front end all set up properly once I get the adjustable track bar on.One of my goals was to remove the 1/2″ spacer I have in the front to try and reduce the death wobble, but I had the hardest time getting a spring compressor on the springs. That combined with the fact that I just don’t have a jack that can get under the Jeep, just made the whole thing questionable (and dangerous.)Anyway, the new brake parts (it looks like I installed the pads on the wrong side last time,) seem to have helped the wobble. I think the tires that are on the rear are probably worn very unevenly and are still going to give me trouble, but for now at least I’m not shaken apart at on the highway.

Interesting links

Posted: May 4, 2004 in General

I ran across This guys blog and I really like the style of what he’s doing. My blogging utility is still very… utilitarian, as is my personal homepage. In essence my homepage hasn’t really had much done on it for a very long time (not that it’s surprising, after all it’s more of an afterthought than anything.)I also ran across This is the best thing since file sharing. Obviously this thing is as illegal (or more so) than P2P file sharing. Sure you pony up some $$ to download music (they charge you based on file size, not per song,) but I highly doubt that any of the artists get a dime. You have to at least put $20 into the account, but at 1 cent per megabyte you can download many albums for less than $1.Of course there are two major up-sides to trying this out. First, you’re not sharing music, which is unavoidable with most P2P software (or should I say successful P2P software.) Of course sharing the music is when you get in the real trouble (that’s what the industry is trying to stop.) Secondly, you can search and download complete albums with a little more reliability than something like BitTorrent or eDonkey.Don’t get me wrong, something like this probably won’t last any longer than the original Napster, but I’ll admit that there are a number of tracks that you just can’t purchase anywhere else (which of course doesn’t make it right.)PS – Why doesn’t Safari support the undo command in text boxes like Camino does?

Damn brakes…

Posted: May 3, 2004 in Lotus

Friday after work I stopped by VR and Aaron put the car up on the lift. He retightened the hub nuts (which were a bit loose.) I did notice that the slight shimmy was more pronounced after that. I drove the car around quite a bit Friday night and things didn’t get any better.Saturday afternoon I pulled the calipers off and tried to exercise the calipers as suggested by JAE. I’m not sure but I think the outboard piston on the passenger side may be sticking. I applied brake quiet to the back of the pads in the hope that it would quiet things up. I did notice that the dust shield was rubbing on the rotor (so I bent it out of the way a little.)The brake quiet didn’t help a whole lot which worries me a little. Anyway, it doesn’t look like I’m in the clear yet.

Just driving…

Posted: May 2, 2004 in General, Lotus

Spent the last couple days hanging out with Aaron and some of the old CCDSM guys. I even did a couple laps on “the Pike.” Things have changed a lot there, but in a lot of ways it’s the same old thing.Saturday I dropped by Justin’s and caught a ride in the CJ that he’s built up for offroading. Justin is one of those guys that you wish you could just hang out with for days on end in hopes that you can sponge up some of the shit that he knows. We talked for an hour or so before I headed over to Brian’s. Brian and I drove over to VR to hang out for a bit. Brian actually decided to have Aaron do some work on his 240, I might be able to get Brian to rice his ride yet! Anyway things were good, I didn’t want to bore Brian too much so we went to lunch, then he decided to go home. I can’t blame the guy, he broke his wrist and he put up with crawling (literally) in and out of the Lotus.I drove around for an hour before a group of us went over to Hops to hang out. It was probably 11 or so before things broke up, I took a couple loops around the pike again and headed home.Today was a lazy day, I did spend some time doing some work though. I also spent some time playing with one of the pictures of the lotus and dreaming up what it might look like in a couple of years.