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Posted: May 4, 2004 in General

I ran across This guys blog and I really like the style of what he’s doing. My blogging utility is still very… utilitarian, as is my personal homepage. In essence my homepage hasn’t really had much done on it for a very long time (not that it’s surprising, after all it’s more of an afterthought than anything.)I also ran across This is the best thing since file sharing. Obviously this thing is as illegal (or more so) than P2P file sharing. Sure you pony up some $$ to download music (they charge you based on file size, not per song,) but I highly doubt that any of the artists get a dime. You have to at least put $20 into the account, but at 1 cent per megabyte you can download many albums for less than $1.Of course there are two major up-sides to trying this out. First, you’re not sharing music, which is unavoidable with most P2P software (or should I say successful P2P software.) Of course sharing the music is when you get in the real trouble (that’s what the industry is trying to stop.) Secondly, you can search and download complete albums with a little more reliability than something like BitTorrent or eDonkey.Don’t get me wrong, something like this probably won’t last any longer than the original Napster, but I’ll admit that there are a number of tracks that you just can’t purchase anywhere else (which of course doesn’t make it right.)PS – Why doesn’t Safari support the undo command in text boxes like Camino does?


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