Rebuilt calipers

Posted: May 29, 2004 in Lotus

Spent some time at Aaron’s shop rebuilding the front calipers, it does indeed look like one of the pistons on the passenger side was frozen (I think it was the outboard piston.) I have my doubts about the rebuild, but I guess we’ll see how much brake dust accumulates over the next 1k miles or so.I ordered new pads from JAE, but I’m hoping some sandpaper on the rotors will save them. Also when I pulled the calipers off I noticed that the bushings for the sway bars were destroyed (due to age and use,) so I ordered a new set of those as well.I’m also going to swap my front wheels and see if that helps the vibration at all. I know that the age of the tires and the slightly out of round stock wheel can’t be helping matters.


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