New Music Tuesday featuring Van Halen (finally)

Posted: July 21, 2004 in General

So, as some of you know movies, music and video games usually come out on Tuesday (it’s the best time to visit Blockbuster.) Usually tuesdays pass without much fanfare. I think as I get older, I’m less excited about getting/watching movies and music as soon as it comes out.Today really was no different. As part of my weekly routine I go over to the iTunes music store on Tuesdays to see if there is anything of interest (and see what the free tune of the week is.) I forgot about it (mostly), so I was mildly interested when I saw the new Van Halen album up. It’s a greatest hits, so it only has a couple of new tracks. Of course I have all the existing Van Halen CDs, so there is no need to have everything. That’s one of the nice thing about the iTunes music store, rather than spending $20+ on a double CD I can just buy the 3 tracks I don’t have.Van Halen has been out of circulation for a number of years (6 years I think,) and their last album with Gary Cherone (the lead singer of Extreme,) was probably the worst ever. It’s been eight years since Van Halen put together a decent album (with Sammy Hagar.) It was a nice surprise that fences were mended and Sammy was back earlier this year.The problem is, Eddie Van Halen said that he has something like ten albums worth of material that he’s written, but to be honest the three new tracks are decent, but not great. We can only hope that this wasn’t the cream of the crop.I sit here listening to the tracks again. I hear a lot of Van Halen III (the bad album with Cherone.) It’s nice to hear Sammy’s voice, but even that isn’t the Van Halen I grew to love. That’s not to say the tracks are bad, but they just aren’t that special (and I doubt any of them will be tracks.) The two tracks that were added to the last greatest hits were better than these (and they’re absent from this greatest hits.)So the bottom line is, I still love Van Halen, it’s just great music. I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to reclaim the energy from the earlier days, but if Aerosmith can do it VH surely can. We can only hope that the next album (if there is one) of original stuff is better than the few tracks they released today.


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