Bourne and more

Posted: July 25, 2004 in General

Cara was here in Danielson for the weekend. We drove up to her Mom’s place on Saturday for a cookout with her family (my parents were there too.) It was a pretty relaxed day.On the way home we stopped and caught a showing of “The Bourne Supremacy”. As usual there is always the discussion regarding our thoughts. I hate to say it, but the story, acting and stunts were great, but the camera work was horrible. Hollywood has been using hand held shots more and more, and I don’t think there was a dolly shot or a crane shot in the whole movie. Every single shot with any action was hand held, combined with quick cuts is just painful. Sitting there mid-theater your eyes take a beating trying to keep track of the things on the screen.I would imagine that some of this is the ability to shoot more on less of a budget. I’m sure setting up a dolly track probably takes a crew half a day. There’s no set-up for a hand held shot. The problem is that the end product suffers (IMHO.)It’s rare that something as simple as the camera work ruins a good film (usually it’s script, effects or acting.) Hopefully if they do a third movie they bring back Doug Liman.


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