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I got about four hours of sleep last night. I have no one to blame but myself. The down side to not having a regular job with regular hours is that my sleep schedule gets all screwy and I end up with a weird offset that I must suffer through. I think I’m getting used to it though. One might think that a sane person would hit the sack when they got home after that, but obviously I am not sane.Justin, Brian and I went to dinner after work. We wanted to get the low down on Justin’s recent breakup. As with any breakup there’s probably still going to be a fair amount of fallout.Brian had to take off, so Justin suggested we catch a showing of “I, Robot” but we would have had to wait more than an hour for the next showing and I don’t think either of us really wanted to be getting out of a movie at 11PM or so.It was probably best that I left since I was close to falling asleep on the drive home. Of course once I got home I want to do anything BUT sleep. The human body is an odd instrument.



Posted: July 19, 2004 in General

So for some reason, my life recently has revolved around relationships (both mine and others.) Cara and I have been practicing the old adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” There’s a lot of logic there (although I would take exception to the word “fonder”.)I guess my greatest fear of marriage is that Cara and I will end up orbiting each other, but not really touching. I suppose there are worse things in life, but I don’t think anyone dreams of a relationship like that. I keep using current events as an excuse and that “next year” things will get better. What if they don’t though? This distance between Cara and me is good though, it reaffirms a lot I think (and gives me faith.)Added to this is my realization that every relationship needs work. “Realization” isn’t really the best word though because I’ve always known this, but rarely did much about it. My problem is that friendships require a particular kind of multitasking that I’m just not good at (especially with friends of different circles.) I don’t know if it is a skill I’ll ever be able to pick up. Too bad Cara is about the same so we both have a very small circles of friends.Which brings me full circle back to my marriage. I’ve been feeling jealous and… well like kind of a looser because if Cara and I invite every single person that we would ever want to attend our wedding it would only be about 130 people. We didn’t have too much trouble narrowing that to 80 people. That bothered me for a long time, and probably still bothers me to a point. Of course the up side is that we can have quality verses quantity.Okay enough of my babbling, I have my 70 minute commute in the morning (thank goodness that is over in a couple weeks.) Although the ironic situation is that I received a call from Crabtree & Evelyn (which is based in Woodstock, CT, 10 minutes from where I am now,) for a job interview on Tuesday. Knowing the way the world works, I’ll probably get the job and then still have a fucking 70 minute commute from Manchester to Woodstock.

Updates, get your updates…

Posted: July 18, 2004 in General, Wedding

I updated a couple things in the last 24 hours (which I don’t do so often…) First, is the wedding website for Cara and me, Secondly, I cleaned up my links page and added some new links. Namely I added a link to All of MP3 a site similar to ClubMP3 (which I mentioned a couple months ago.) If you’re the kind of person into file sharing, or taking advantage of other country’s copyright laws I highly recommend looking into it.

Boot & Gear Shift

Posted: July 17, 2004 in Lotus

I removed the center tunnel to swap out the boot to the new Momo boot. I ended up destroying one of the knobs and the control for the A/C (the switch wouldn’t turn off.) The previous owner had glued one of the knobs together and to the shaft. Basically it’s a mess. Although the new boot looks great, I screwed up the HVAC panel pretty bad.I’m not all that worried though. I’m going to swap the A/C knob for a switch (for on/off, and discard the thermostat,) and shrink the whole panel down to about 1/2 the size. I’ll do this with a little welding, and a new aluminum face for the HVAC controls. In addition I think I’ll move the switches for the headlights, hazards and rear defrost to between the HVAC and the stereo.Once this is all done I’ll be building a new gauge binnacle in fiberglass to house the new gauges (and update the interior a bit.)

Per usual

Posted: July 17, 2004 in General

Okay… back again. I’m so fucked up, although not nearly as much as so many other people in this world. You know I keep sitting down at the ‘puter and think, “Gee, I could write an entry in my blog.” Of course, just the thought of actually doing it bores me. So there’s this train of thought that has finally lead me back to writing something here. It all started with a paper letter from Marlene. Yes paper (I thought the stuff was extinct.) Admittedly like so many of my old friends, I’ve just not made a lot of effort to keep in touch, so it was good to hear from her. Of course I’m lazy so I e-mailed her back. We shot some emails back and forth (and as a side note, it sounds like she may be back in the area about the same time I’ll be back in the Hartford area.) One of my questions was if she knew where some of my other old High School friends were (and how I might get ahold of them.) You know, impending wedding, suddenly you want to invite these people that you haven’t seen or talked to in close to a decade. Namely I was wondering where Beth might be. You see Beth went to Westpoint right out of High School, and was floating around the world for a great many years. Thankfully, Marlene knew that Beth was/is in PA (of course I have yet to try to get ahold of her.) Something about remembering the past makes one want to start uncovering and digging (and being lazy, I have to do this all online.) So I found Meredith’s website (which she just hasn’t touched on for more than a year,) and also Steve’s website. Now the thing about Steve is that he was the class of ’92 (whereas Marlene, Johanna and crew were ’90.) So once we graduated we lost touch. Being damn smart he went off to Caltech (or MIT or some brainy school.) Brian and I (and Johanna too I think,) tried to get a hold of him in various ways, occasionally finding an email address or something of the sort. Of course we’d email him, but never hear anything from him. Rumor is that he just doesn’t want any contact with people from High School. The wonderful part is that being a techie, you just can’t hide on the internet. So I’ve discovered an address for him, which means I can mail a wedding invitation to him next year (which since I’m evil means that is what I will be doing.) So the last stop on the history train is Johanna’s Site. Unlike the rest of us, Johanna has always been good about sharing her life on her website. It makes me sick. I mean this woman loves writing. I wish I had that urge. Not only does she keep her journal up-to-date, she practically keeps an hourly account of her time (okay, okay, she’s not that crazy, but she will make multiple entries in a day.) I wish I had that much that I wanted to share with the world. So you can imagine that after reading that I had to write another entry, just because I’m jealous of her (damn you Johanna.)