Grand Theft Cool

Posted: November 1, 2004 in Computing, General

I don’t think “Jumping the Shark” really applies to video games (although in some cases it does.) That said, it’s a shame when a sequel just doesn’t hold up to the original. Over the next couple months (and especially the next couple weeks,) there are a number of excellent sequels being released. The first of which was “Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas” which I picked up last week.Now, the Grand Theft Auto games started out as ho hum games, but graduated to a full force to be reckoned with when they went 3D. Subsequently” Grand Theft Auto : Vice City” upped the bar with a bigger world with more of what we liked with GTA3…. but then something was lost. Something indescribable. Sure the idea and the implementation is almost the same, but the soul of the game isn’t there.Admittedly, I haven’t spent a great deal of time (maybe a couple of hours,) playing the game. The thing is, I was expecting a certain amount of “video game addiction” as I’ve experienced before (most recently with Burnout 3, and probably not felt for a long time before that.)Maybe that’s okay though. After all we are on the cusp of “Ratchet and Clank : Up your Arsenal” this week (I think,) followed by “Halo 2” the week after. Both of which I also have very high hopes for. Then of course in January I await “Gran Turismo 4” (which hopefully makes up for the disappointment with “Gran Turismo 3”.)


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