Cell Phones & UIs

Posted: November 21, 2004 in General

Why does it seem that cell phone manufacturers can’t design a proper user interface? I purchased a pair of Samsung cell phones on Thursday evening for Cara and me. These are to replace our Motorolas (and swtich from T-mobile to Verizon.)I am surprised though. I actually had to break out the manual to just figure out how to put numbers in the contact list. Beyond that, there are just certain aspects of this phone (like the integrated web browser) that just isn’t designed for any kind of logical use. That said, the pair of Motorola T722s were worse (something that Brian has commented about himself on his phone.) I’m thinking that someone like Motorola needs to partner with someone like Apple to build a proper UI (after all they do have a partnership to bring a little bit of the iPod into the Motorola phones.)


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