Chasing after the production

Posted: February 25, 2005 in General

I’m still dreaming of doing a small video production, and I’m slowly working up to getting things done with that goal in mind. Every few weeks I pull out my slowly evolving script and type a bit more (although I do seem to be a little stuck.)

Over the last couple years I’ve started actually shelling out cash for software. It is odd. There is a certain joy in actually owning a piece of software (and a certain frustration if it doesn’t work right.)

With that in mind I purchased a copy of Final Cut Express. Although I had a bootleg copy of Final Cut Pro, I am working on a corporate video as part of my Freelance business so I thought it would be worth actually owning the software (since I will actually be making money using the product.)

I still have a long way to go on my script, and I need to build/buy a couple more pieces of equipment, but things are coming along nicely. I think after the wedding I’ll have to look at how the money situation is to see if I can afford the production costs to do my project.

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