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WRX home

Posted: March 31, 2005 in Automotive, General, Subaru

Well the WRX is home! I didn’t do as well as I had hoped on financing (6.9%) but I did pretty well on the price (slightly over invoice, although they kept telling me that I did better than that). I’ll throw some pictures up online (and modify the toys page to make room for the 3rd in the garage).

New site design

Posted: March 30, 2005 in Computing, General

I finally got off my ass and reworked my website (or at least started to.) I’m going to try and migrate the rest of my site over to this format in the next couple of days. Then I might migrate my old data into this blogger (although I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep using Bogger.)

Maturity, I have it not.

Posted: March 29, 2005 in General

At some point yesterday during our meeting with our DJ the subject of age came up. I told Kurt (the DJ) that I was 32 which surprised him a bit. I’ve always felt younger than I am, and I think that’s about my actions and not the way I look (and I think people get an impression of me more so from my actions than the way i look). The bottom line is that I’m immature.

I don’t really see this as a huge problem, although to really turn it to an advantage I’d have to be more daring and funnier than I am. I kind of enjoy acting like a 25 year old (or younger), I just have to watch out that I don’t end up being “that old guy” that hangs out at the bars with all the 20-something year olds.

Damn Macs

Posted: March 28, 2005 in Computing, General

Cara complained to me Monday morning on her way out of MA to meet me that “my computer doesn’t work.” Of course this usually means something simple, something is slightly out of wack and just needs a subtle convincing to get things back in shape.

I pulled the laptop out of the case and immediately smelled ozone, that and the computer was warm/hot. I hit the battery button and I got a single LED which means that there’s not much juice in the battery. Not a problem, maybe the machine didn’t go to sleep properly (bound to happen). I figured, probably the Power Management Unit. After a couple control-option-command-power button restarts I got the bootup window, well for a moment.

The screen goes on the fritz and I get fun static. Uh oh… looks like bad logic board (well video on the logic board). I know about the bad logic board issue because MY iBook suffered from the same issue (and was covered by an Apple recall). So I quickly check the Apple site to see the status of the recall (they keep extending the coverage date), to find out that coverage ended March 18 (a mere 10 days ago).

All hope isn’t lost, but we’ll have to see what Apple says when I take a trip over to the Apple Store tomorrow.

Drinking is a dangerous sport

Posted: March 26, 2005 in General

I drank a tad too much last night (polished off 1/2 a case of Bass and two car bombs). Honestly it was a great night, I was able to hang out with some of the people that I like the most in this world (true that Cara and a few others weren’t there). Ben was up from DC and John and Sarah drove to Manchester from Mass.

I have this habit of pissing people off without intending to. Usually alcohol is involved (but not always). Ben told me that I made a drunken commit about him “never getting a girlfriend ever again” at John’s bachelor party about a year ago. I don’t remember this, but I wouldn’t put it past me. As you can imagine this struck a nerve which affected Ben’s relationship with me for a while (which probably could have been repaired earlier if I had a clue). This is certainly further proof that I can be a complete idiot from time to time, and I can only hope that I can change this as I get older. On the up side Ben has forgiven (he now has a nice woman that he’s been dating for quite a while), and it seems like it’s water under the bridge.

Which brings me back to last night. I think things broke up around midnight, I drank a couple glasses of water and hung out for a while and hit the sack. I think my biggest mistake is the fact that I have nothing to eat in the house (I’ve been putting off shopping for as long as possible), so my stomach isn’t happy with me.

Home again… home again…

Posted: March 24, 2005 in General

So Nigel the ferret is home. Yes, we’re calling him Nigel. Cara said “I’ll let you name him.” Which is of course a mistake because I think life should be funny. Pet names are difficult because the rules are different from human names. I mean no one would bat an eye at “Smokey” or “Buttons” for a pet (but I doubt those names would go over very well if it was your kid). So my first idea for the ferret’s name was Kevin. My second was Eric, I figured if python can name a bee Eric I could name a ferret Eric. Of course Cara then suggested Nigel which I really don’t think could be trumped.

As a side note, I ran across The Baby Name Wizard’s Name Voyager which is a pretty cool Java Applet that allows you to look through the popularity of various names from 1900-2000.

A list of all my previous animal names:
– Tyrone (shoelaces)
– Morris
– Thompson
– TinTin
– Trillian
– Dante
– Nigel

I received a phone call Friday afternoon from Cara. One of the few concerns I have about Cara and I is the situation where there is a sick animal under her care that is “savable” but the owners don’t want to pay to save the animal. Usually the owners are willing to give up the animal (and the responsibility,) in these cases as long as someone is willing to take the animal. That’s where the rub is (or at least could be), how do you let an animal die because of money? Especially if the animal is otherwise healthy. Cara and I have covered this ground pretty well, and we both agree that there is a line that needs to be drawn.

So anyway, she called me on Friday afternoon. There was a young ferret that the owners were going to euthanize because they didn’t want to pay for a fairly simple surgery. I don’t know if she was expecting me to say “no” or not, but I didn’t. I figured that if she’s going to take in a stray that this was as good of a cause as any. Of course I didn’t say “yes” either, I left it up to her. It’s probably not the best time to get another pet, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable either (and I really didn’t have a valid reason for saying “no”).

The ferret was going to stay in the hospital all weekend anyway, so Cara came to CT and we spent another weekend shopping, well actually, browsing. I think the only things we actually bought were a couple gifts and some marshmallow Peeps. We did a combination of car shopping, pet store shopping and registry shopping, and by the end of the weekend we were both pretty exhausted.