Home again… home again…

Posted: March 24, 2005 in General

So Nigel the ferret is home. Yes, we’re calling him Nigel. Cara said “I’ll let you name him.” Which is of course a mistake because I think life should be funny. Pet names are difficult because the rules are different from human names. I mean no one would bat an eye at “Smokey” or “Buttons” for a pet (but I doubt those names would go over very well if it was your kid). So my first idea for the ferret’s name was Kevin. My second was Eric, I figured if python can name a bee Eric I could name a ferret Eric. Of course Cara then suggested Nigel which I really don’t think could be trumped.

As a side note, I ran across The Baby Name Wizard’s Name Voyager which is a pretty cool Java Applet that allows you to look through the popularity of various names from 1900-2000.

A list of all my previous animal names:
– Tyrone (shoelaces)
– Morris
– Thompson
– TinTin
– Trillian
– Dante
– Nigel

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