Drinking is a dangerous sport

Posted: March 26, 2005 in General

I drank a tad too much last night (polished off 1/2 a case of Bass and two car bombs). Honestly it was a great night, I was able to hang out with some of the people that I like the most in this world (true that Cara and a few others weren’t there). Ben was up from DC and John and Sarah drove to Manchester from Mass.

I have this habit of pissing people off without intending to. Usually alcohol is involved (but not always). Ben told me that I made a drunken commit about him “never getting a girlfriend ever again” at John’s bachelor party about a year ago. I don’t remember this, but I wouldn’t put it past me. As you can imagine this struck a nerve which affected Ben’s relationship with me for a while (which probably could have been repaired earlier if I had a clue). This is certainly further proof that I can be a complete idiot from time to time, and I can only hope that I can change this as I get older. On the up side Ben has forgiven (he now has a nice woman that he’s been dating for quite a while), and it seems like it’s water under the bridge.

Which brings me back to last night. I think things broke up around midnight, I drank a couple glasses of water and hung out for a while and hit the sack. I think my biggest mistake is the fact that I have nothing to eat in the house (I’ve been putting off shopping for as long as possible), so my stomach isn’t happy with me.


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