Damn Macs

Posted: March 28, 2005 in Computing, General

Cara complained to me Monday morning on her way out of MA to meet me that “my computer doesn’t work.” Of course this usually means something simple, something is slightly out of wack and just needs a subtle convincing to get things back in shape.

I pulled the laptop out of the case and immediately smelled ozone, that and the computer was warm/hot. I hit the battery button and I got a single LED which means that there’s not much juice in the battery. Not a problem, maybe the machine didn’t go to sleep properly (bound to happen). I figured, probably the Power Management Unit. After a couple control-option-command-power button restarts I got the bootup window, well for a moment.

The screen goes on the fritz and I get fun static. Uh oh… looks like bad logic board (well video on the logic board). I know about the bad logic board issue because MY iBook suffered from the same issue (and was covered by an Apple recall). So I quickly check the Apple site to see the status of the recall (they keep extending the coverage date), to find out that coverage ended March 18 (a mere 10 days ago).

All hope isn’t lost, but we’ll have to see what Apple says when I take a trip over to the Apple Store tomorrow.


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