Maturity, I have it not.

Posted: March 29, 2005 in General

At some point yesterday during our meeting with our DJ the subject of age came up. I told Kurt (the DJ) that I was 32 which surprised him a bit. I’ve always felt younger than I am, and I think that’s about my actions and not the way I look (and I think people get an impression of me more so from my actions than the way i look). The bottom line is that I’m immature.

I don’t really see this as a huge problem, although to really turn it to an advantage I’d have to be more daring and funnier than I am. I kind of enjoy acting like a 25 year old (or younger), I just have to watch out that I don’t end up being “that old guy” that hangs out at the bars with all the 20-something year olds.


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