The weekend, Lotus parts and Boston

Posted: April 11, 2005 in Automotive, General, Lotus

I left Manchester taking the back roads to Cara’s place stopping by Danielson on the way. I haven’t been in the area since I moved away eight months ago. It’s interesting how some things change (there were a couple new buildings built), and other things haven’t (they’re still working on the roads around Brooklyn). I talked to the woman who now lives in our old apartment about the package that was delivered. She claimed to know nothing about it, which started to make me worry. I wandered down a couple doors to one of the neighbors who would occasionally accept deliveries for me, but no luck there either. On my way back to the car the woman from my old apartment told me that she talked to her son and he had it in is closet (hmm… that’s a little odd). Anyway, I don’t really care why or what happened, just that I have the engine parts (since they did cost almost $1200).

Cara and I walked around Boston yesterday. She wanted to show me her old stomping grounds, so we walked across the city through Suffolk University and by her old apartment (and the Starbucks she used to work at). We grabbed lunch and walked through Faneuil Hall Marketplace (where I picked up a toy for myself and a couple future gifts for others). It was getting late in the afternoon so we walked back to the car and went back to her place.

Overall I like Boston quite a bit, and It’s been a while since I’ve been there. If it were cheaper to live there I’d even consider moving into the area (it is on the list of potential places to move after the Hartford area right now, but if things were different it would be at the top of the list).


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