Living with construction.

Posted: May 24, 2005 in General

My father the architect is rarely satisfied with the status-quo, well at least as far as a building is concerned. Not too long ago my parents decided that now that my brother and I were out of the house and they were getting older, that they should downsize their 3,800 square foot house that they built in 1996 and move into something smaller that would be appropriate for their “golden years”.

With that in mind they promptly went out and bought a 5,800 square foot mansion (to some degree) in Manchester. Yes, they are a little insane. Of course the thought is that they will be turning it into a bed and breakfast, and their living area would be a smaller subset of the whole house (of course this doesn’t include the large 4 bay garage they plan on building to house their vehicles).

As we grew up my brother and I were used to living in homes of various state of “improvement”. Usually when our house went up on the market is when my father finished up all the small tasks that still needed to be finished. I’m not saying lipstick on a pig, just that most projects were 99% complete and just needed that final bit to be completed.

And so, my parents bought this large house in Manchester and put their current residence up on the market. True to my father’s will, walls began falling as he began to massage things to the way he liked (in the process he found that this house had about 100 years of shady modifications by the owners making progress that much slower as he fixed things “the right way”).

Fast forward to today, four days before the closing on their old house. They’re moving into a house without a proper bathroom and a kitchen which is a far cry from actually working. Dust is still flying and the upstairs doesn’t have any walls. I’m not really surprised at the state of things, I guess there are just things in life that just don’t change, I guess I have two thoughts.

I wonder if my house(s) will go through the same disarray, and I’m glad I’m not living with them right now.


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