No baton in my pocket…

Posted: May 25, 2005 in General

Outside of the normal meme circles a “musical baton” has been making it’s way around. I figured I’d contribute even though no one asked.

*Total volume of music files on my computer:*
97.76 GB (stored on a RAID 0 hardware array)
15,985 songs
46 days, 20 hours+ of music

*Last CD I bought was:*
Show & Tell by Silvertide

*Song playing right now:*
Call Me Mellow by Tears for Fears

*Five songs I listen to a lot these days:*
(I rarely listen to singles, I usually listen to mostly complete albums, so the five albums).
* Before the Robots : Better Than Ezra
* Halo2 Soundtrack (sans the Incubus tracks)
* Songs for Silverman : Ben Folds
* Get Born : Jet
* The Battle for Everything : Five for Fighting


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