A Delicious Monster

Posted: May 30, 2005 in Computing, General

Last night I decided to see if my GL1 would work as a scanner for Delicious Monster’s Library. I figured it probably would (but Flash doesn’t like it as a web cam, so anything is possible). It did, which is nice, expect that it has a steep $40 price tag (for shareware), which of course I decided to pay.

The coolest thing about this software is that it will use a web cam (or DV camcorder) to “scan” barcodes and look up the product on Amazon.com. So rather than manually adding all my DVD titles into some kind of catalog it will do it for me (including all kinds of fun info, including a summary and cover image). Of course it still took me a good two hours to scan all my DVDs.

Cara still has a good chunk of our DVDs, but I put what I currently have into the system. I then spent a little time tweaking the cover images, and breaking some of my box sets into individual discs (like Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Matrix and Aliens). All said the count is 405, but I’m willing to bet Cara has another 100 at her place. Far too many DVDs, and yet when I’m board I don’t feel like watching a single one.


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