Making the game.

Posted: May 31, 2005 in Computing, General

I’ve been following the development of Dim3 for a while, which looks like a pretty decent (free) product. The biggest issue is that 3D games on the Mac is that it’s always lagged pretty far behind PC and console games. Dim3D is technically probably equal to something like Quake or Quake II (of course the power is that you only have to know JavaScript to write “code”). Even with the best tools, it would take a small team to craft a complete game (and I don’t really have the patience for modeling, but I think I would be a decent level designer).

Enter Sawblade Software, who I’ve never heard of until today when they released Power Game Factory, which is an old-school 2D side scrolling authoring system. This targets my skills a bit better (graphics and level design). I really wish there was a demo to download, but I figured for the $44 it was worth checking out (so I ordered a copy today). The best part is that a 2D side scroller is well within the performance envelope of most Macs (and well designed 2D graphics can be more impressive than 3D).


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