Bachelors, Beer and B….

Posted: June 19, 2005 in General, Wedding

Yesterday was my bachelor party. Brian planned things well and I think fun was had by all. My only complaint is my fault, which is that summers tend to be pretty busy for everyone (for instance, all of my weekends between now and the wedding are “spoken for”). We kicked things off playing paintball, which was a first time for most of us. We played for almost four hours before heading home to clean up. I think everyone agreed that we need to play again in the future.

I warn people not to read anything further if you’re easy offended by what may be considered and almost logical progression of this story…

We showered cleaning the grime and paint off before hopping in Brian’s Mom’s mini-van and heading off to Hooters. There we hung met up with Aaron and Brian from VR, Joe and a couple others. We drank beer and ate wings and generally just hung out. I have to admit things started to get a little hazy as I probably drank a number of pints of Bass. I didn’t eat a whole lot (time really seemed to fly), probably due to the time bending effects of beer. I got a rousing “SUCKER” chant from the Hooters waitresses as I stood on a stool (not a good plan for slightly intoxicated people), and the manager told Aaron to keep it down (he said that he might have been laying down a few too many “F”-bombs which may have disturbed the “families” around us).

From Hooters we picked up Aaron at VR (since he was riding his bike and was planning on drinking with the rest of us). From East Hartford, we made our way up to Springfield to Mardi Gras which was actually pretty above par gentlemans club (it was actually quite nice). I have to admit that things tend to be a little bit of a blur (which is part of the point). I have a vague recollection of drinking a lot, but for the first time (maybe because I wasn’t buying), I don’t remember how much I actually drank. We left Springfield around 2AM (by that time I was in bad shape because of a headache), and due to the reality distortion of alcohol it felt like we were only at the club for a blurry hour (but was more like four).

I slept on the way back from Springfield (or maybe passed out, I’m not sure). I was throttling that stomach churning feeling that can not end well, which reared its ugly head when we got back to Aaron’s shop (when I excused myself from the mini van and abruptly let loose in the bushes). I have a feeling Brian may have had a major sigh of relief at that point.

A quick trip back home where I swallowed a couple of Excedrin and drank copious amounts of water before rolling into bed. Overall an excellent party, and from what I understand a lot of fun for all.


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