What the F***

Posted: June 20, 2005 in Computing, General

You know… sometimes something just pisses you off and you feel like you have to say something to someone to vent. That’s probably why I blog, because I’m pissed often enough that I need an outlet.

Lately that something has been Apple. I have to say that in general Tiger, Quicktime 7, iTunes and generally everything has been a bit of a disappointment. Sure there are great new features, but I’m seeing more and more things slip through the cracks. My latest two annoyances?

Today I tried to watch a couple of QuickTime trailers. For whatever reason none of them finished downloading. Okay, that happens, so I hit refresh, but the movie is cached and it just grabs the unfinished cached copy. Okay, the next step is to “Empty the Cache…”, but still no joy (what use is it to empty the cache, if it doesn’t really empty the cache?) Third try, go to options, disable movie caching, empty the cache and refresh… still no good. How about emptying the cache, quitting and restarting the browser… nope that doesn’t work either. So now I’m left here a little irritated because Apple seems to be going down a Microsoft path here.

My second annoyance, and one that is far more damaging to Apple. I tried to buy a track from the iTunes music store today. It asked for my username and password (has anyone noticed that it’s doing this a lot more now-adays?) Then responds with an error that it can’t reach the server. Try as I might I have no luck getting iTunes to actually allow me to spend money. You know what? It’s their loss, like I need to expand my 98.5GB of music any further.

I really am quite disappointed in Apple as of late, the sorry part is that the Mac is still superior in most way to Windows (IMHO), but something is happening behind the doors of 1 Infinite Loop that I’m not liking. To be honest, I’m starting to wonder if I really want to support bad behavior by purchasing a new machine from them later this year.


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