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I feel bad

Posted: August 28, 2005 in General

I feel a little bad that I haven’t written a post in a while. For a while there I was planning on back-posting comments about our wedding and honeymoon (which I may still do at some point.) I think I’ll probably regret this most in the next year and more, when I look back on a very active period of my time and which I had been a bit more diligent about recording it.

Cara and I are in the midst of house shopping. Today we just made an offer on another house (having made an offer two weeks ago on something and getting “outbid” on it.) I doubt that will happen right away on this house though.

This house is… well ugly… and overpriced (both of which we will try to fix.) You see it was built in the 40’s and we’re pretty sure that whoever lived in it probably bought it new. Now it’s being handled by an estate which means that whoever was living there is most likely no longer living. It defiantly feels like a home that older people lived in. The kitchen is mostly original, every single wall has (ugly) wallpaper and there are some oddities that must have made sense to the owners at some point. Basically, the whole house needs some design help.

As for the cost. The list price is a little unreasonable (even for West Hartford), and we’re hoping to get them down 10% or more on the cost. On the up-side it has a pretty good sized 2 bay garage (enough to serve my needs in the short term,) and a blank “canvas” for a basement that we can do a lot with. It has a nice neighborhood that would be great if we (or should I say, when we) have kids. Over all it serves a lot of our needs (and wants.) Now we just have to start the waiting game to see where this might go.