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Cara made an appointment at noon today to have Karty cremated. This place was in Western Connecticut (in Gaylordsville), which tends to be a pretty “middle of nowhere” kind of place. Going straight from Manchester it would have taken us about two hours, although we had to stop in Bristol to pick up the cat first, so it took a bit longer.

This isn’t the first time Cara’s had a pet cremated. Up in Mass is a business that has the presentation right, everything is in place, and there isn’t anything that would make you doubt the quality or morality of the “product”. Of course that is exactly the opposite of this place. We took a turn off the road and drove up the driveway past a building that had scrap and junk stuffed under the structure. There wasn’t any kind of a clear indication where we were supposed to go, so we walked to the closest building (which happened to have an open door).

Inspection is done

Posted: September 20, 2005 in General

We got the housing inspection done today. No huge surprises. There’s a few pitfalls that could be make-or-break kind of things. If we’re lucky we might be able to get the owners to pay for a new roof and a couple of other things.

Now the only major issue will be the appraisal (because if the house doesn’t appraise for at least what the loan is then the whole deal falls apart).

Saying goodbye

Posted: September 18, 2005 in General

KartyWe said goodbye to one of our family members today. Today we put Karty, the tabby cat that has been with Cara for years (6-7), to sleep. Karty has had a bit of a tough life, but he and Cara fought it for a good long while.

Cara adopted Karty from an elderly woman when he was about 6 and diagnosed with diabetes. The woman couldn’t take care of him properly so she gave him up to Cara. He tended to be a grumpy cat, but then again getting stuck with a needle twice a day would probably do that to anyone. A couple of years ago he developed further problems and had his colon removed. He’s been on his fair share of medications over the last 3-4 years including heart medications, medications for IBS and a host of other things.

He was always a little finicky about eating (after his colon was removed he dropped about 1/3 of his weight and was skin and bones). Over the last weeks he became worse about it, and over the last week he seemed to have problems swallowing (which later Cara discovered was caused by a large tumor in his throat).


Nano complaint and house movement

Posted: September 13, 2005 in General

Okay, I knew this would be a problem, but I’m a bit surprised. USB is SLOW. It took a good 30+ minutes to update my playlist to the Nano. The problem is I’m still using a G4 desktop machine without USB2. At least I won’t be updating the entire library that often, and sooner or later I’ll upgrade this machine to a G5.

Things got a little dicey today since I talked to our realtor around noon and he still had not received a signed contract. He got back to me later tonight to tell me that he got the contract (or it was faxed to his office). I don’t know what was going on, but my heart sank for a moment. I’ve been trying hard not to get attached too much to the houses we’ve made offers on. From the moment it looked like we might be able to purchase this house I’ve been slowly getting more and more psyched for it. At this point I have to say I’d be pretty disappointed if things go south.


Nano is here

Posted: September 12, 2005 in Computing, General

I just got my new iPod nano today. First off I have to say I’m really happy with the shipping time on this. I ordered the unit on Thursday afternoon, it shipped Friday from China and I received it today (at 10:30AM).

On to more important things though. This thing is tiny. True to Apple’s marketing it is impossibly small. The 1st gen is a behemoth sitting next to it. The color screen is nice and crisp (and I can’t wait to upload some of my photos to it). My only real complaint will be the fact that transferring files from my home machine will be sluggish via USB (there’s no firewire on this, and my home machine doesn’t have USB2). I think this will be the hottest seller this Christmas, Apple hit a home run here.

P.S. I got white (I know the black nanos are the new “white”, but I still prefer the simplicity of white. No one does white like Apple).

Almost official

Posted: September 11, 2005 in General

Well assuming everything goes according to plan, we will close on our new house on November 15th. This isn’t the same house that I posted about earlier. That kind of fell through. The owners refused to go lower than $325,000 which was too rich for what we would have gotten. I can’t say that I’m complaining. That was a house that we would have been okay with, but we wouldn’t have loved it. Both Cara and I love this house. Sure it’s not in a trendy town like West Hartford (nor is it as close to friends and family as West Hartford), but we get a lot more for our money.

So we signed the papers today (which doesn’t mean that we’re 100% sure we’ll end up buying it, but assuming there aren’t any major roadblocks, we’ll be moving in late November).

It has some minor issues here and there, but then again the house is 105 years old. So let’s see the highlights:

* 2 bay garage plus attached workshop area (which we’ll be installing a lift into).
* Gigantic deck with pool
* Updated kitchen
* Air conditioning
* Nice yard

I’ve uploaded pics into my flickr photoset which you can get to from my gallery page.

In other news, tomorrow we see our photographer and pick up our wedding pics.

iPod Nano

Posted: September 7, 2005 in Computing, General

Apple introduced the iPod Nano today. To quote Monty Python, “It’s only wah-fer thin.” I’ve been thinking about replacing my 1st generation 10GB iPod with a mini for while now. Although I do pack my iPod full of music, my main playlist is only a mere 1.5 GB (today). Some day I will carry around my entire music library, but since a 120GB iPod is probably still a couple years away, I think I’ll get something more useful, which is why I would have gotten an iPod mini. As great as the mini was, the nano trumps it. Color screen, much smaller, and nice new software features. My only struggle will be color choice (which thankfully is either black or white).