Nano is here

Posted: September 12, 2005 in Computing, General

I just got my new iPod nano today. First off I have to say I’m really happy with the shipping time on this. I ordered the unit on Thursday afternoon, it shipped Friday from China and I received it today (at 10:30AM).

On to more important things though. This thing is tiny. True to Apple’s marketing it is impossibly small. The 1st gen is a behemoth sitting next to it. The color screen is nice and crisp (and I can’t wait to upload some of my photos to it). My only real complaint will be the fact that transferring files from my home machine will be sluggish via USB (there’s no firewire on this, and my home machine doesn’t have USB2). I think this will be the hottest seller this Christmas, Apple hit a home run here.

P.S. I got white (I know the black nanos are the new “white”, but I still prefer the simplicity of white. No one does white like Apple).

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