Nano complaint and house movement

Posted: September 13, 2005 in General

Okay, I knew this would be a problem, but I’m a bit surprised. USB is SLOW. It took a good 30+ minutes to update my playlist to the Nano. The problem is I’m still using a G4 desktop machine without USB2. At least I won’t be updating the entire library that often, and sooner or later I’ll upgrade this machine to a G5.

Things got a little dicey today since I talked to our realtor around noon and he still had not received a signed contract. He got back to me later tonight to tell me that he got the contract (or it was faxed to his office). I don’t know what was going on, but my heart sank for a moment. I’ve been trying hard not to get attached too much to the houses we’ve made offers on. From the moment it looked like we might be able to purchase this house I’ve been slowly getting more and more psyched for it. At this point I have to say I’d be pretty disappointed if things go south.

In respect to house shopping. It feels as though purchasing a house (especially this house,) is something that is more “real” and adult than even getting married. I think perhaps if it were a house that wasn’t quite so quaint then perhaps I would feel different about it. The bottom line is that this isn’t just “a house” it is a “home” and I guess I didn’t expect to find something like this for our first house.

Of course even being a “home” it will be an empty home for a while. We have little furnishings right now (we tossed my pitiful sofa when we moved Cara out of her apartment in Mass). Of course something like this isn’t done in a few short months (or even years). It will be a while before our house feels complete (or “almost complete” since I doubt a house ever feels complete).

Here’s to the next step… the inspection (of which I already know a couple things that could be issues).

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