Saying goodbye

Posted: September 18, 2005 in General

KartyWe said goodbye to one of our family members today. Today we put Karty, the tabby cat that has been with Cara for years (6-7), to sleep. Karty has had a bit of a tough life, but he and Cara fought it for a good long while.

Cara adopted Karty from an elderly woman when he was about 6 and diagnosed with diabetes. The woman couldn’t take care of him properly so she gave him up to Cara. He tended to be a grumpy cat, but then again getting stuck with a needle twice a day would probably do that to anyone. A couple of years ago he developed further problems and had his colon removed. He’s been on his fair share of medications over the last 3-4 years including heart medications, medications for IBS and a host of other things.

He was always a little finicky about eating (after his colon was removed he dropped about 1/3 of his weight and was skin and bones). Over the last weeks he became worse about it, and over the last week he seemed to have problems swallowing (which later Cara discovered was caused by a large tumor in his throat).

On Friday night we decided that it was time to release him, and on Sunday Cara put him to sleep while she cradled him in her lap. It was emotional for both of us, and it certainly casts a shadow over the day (and the weeks to come).

Karty had a lovable side, but he preferred his independence. He and Dante never got along, but when Karty was well he would always watch over Dusty like a bigger brother. In so many ways it is better that he’s free from the pain he probably felt constantly.

I am reminded that we will all experience a dozen or moments like this (or worse) in our lifetime, which is a sobering thought. I know others have lost far more than I have today, and that feeling will last far longer than mine. I guess I’m thankful that we don’t have to suffer through this kind of thing that often, and this depressing sadness will fade over time no matter how strong it is now.

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