Crossing the terabyte boundary

Posted: October 12, 2005 in Computing, General

This weekend I will be crossing the terabyte boundary (1024 gigabytes). It was probably about a decade ago when I was crossing the Gigabyte boundary, so perhaps in another decade I’ll be crossing the petabyte boundary (although that is doubtful since 1 petabyte should be able to store just under 70 years worth of HD 1080P video).

One of the 120GB drives in my mirrored array showed as being degraded over last weekend so I ordered a new set of 250GB drives to replace them. I’ve been wanting larger drives (since my music library is taking up most of the 120GB, and I need room for other important things), so this seemed like a good excuse.

I admit that not all that my terabyte number may be a little questionable, since I won’t actually have that much space available on one machine. The pair of 250GB drives will be mirrored, so although I will have 500GB of hard drive space, only half of that will be usable. I have a single 160GB for applications and OS on that machine, and I’ll be moving one of the 120GB drives into an external firewire case (and probably back up to it, and throw it in the firesafe when not in use). That gives me storage closer to about 530GB (half a terabyte) on my desktop machine. If you’re wondering how I got to 1TB. 2x 250GB drives (my new array) + 160GB drive (my app and OS drive) + 2x 120GB drives (my old array) + 120GB (in my ReplayTV, which is cheating a little).

Either way, I don’t anticipate that I’ll need more magnetic storage for a couple more years, and maybe by then I will have an actual terabyte of storage (or more*).

*I’ve calculated that I’d need somewhere between 1 and 2 terabytes of storage to “rip” my DVD collection to hard drive, and I would probably have to grow my hard drive storage about 500GB a year to make sure I had enough room for content.


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