Apple's on a roll

Posted: October 19, 2005 in Computing, General

Okay, I admit that the new dual processor dual core G5s are cool. PCI-Express (finally) and DDR2 RAM make these things rock, but then again I expect a lot of rocking for $3300. Of course when I headed over to the Apple site to check out the G5s, my attention got diverted, by…

Aperture. My first thought was… what the fuck is Apple doing to their Web site? The Aperture page requires 1024, which was a little annoying. Of course about two minutes later all was forgiven. I’m not a professional photographer (or anything close,) but Aperture makes me wish I was. Aperture is like iPhoto on steroids, (or more like iPhoto on steroids, on steroids). Anyway… it’s a great tool (toy), and it looks like Apple has another home-run on their hands.


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