Offroading, and spending money like water

Posted: October 23, 2005 in General, Jeep

It was crappy weather on Saturday. Cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop Justin and I heading out to meet the guys at Jon Fund for some Octoberfest offroading. I finally got the Cherokee out on the trail again, and did some pretty great four wheeling (I’ll have pictures soon). Ben came with us, and drove Justin’s Jeep a bit, I think fun was had by all (considering the weather, etc.)

I got home from Octoberfest around 4, and after a quick shower Cara and I went out to buy furniture at Basset. After a quick credit check, we spent almost 5 grand on stuff for the new house. I can’t say I’m excited about spending so much money (or more to the point, going into debt for so much money), but I am psyched to get some things for the house. Maybe it’s just a little sobering, because I know that this is just the start of things.


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