Pretty amazing shipping

Posted: October 26, 2005 in General

I rarely (if ever) pay for quicker shipping. Usually it’s not the shipper that is lagging, it’s the order fulfillment. I swear I wait longer for the order to be shipped than I ever do for the shipper to deliver it to my door. I know it’s impatience, but damnit, I’ve come to expect instant gratification.

I read today that Apple reduced the prices on some of their refurbished laptops, and since Cara and I have been talking about it, I went ahead and ordered a G4 iBook. I just received an email with a FedEx tracking number this evening. I ordered her computer at 3:39PM and according to FedEx it was picked up at 4:39PM (1:39 Pacific time). What I find interesting is that the FedEx number has an origin time of 1:42PM, almost 2 hours before I placed my order. I’m not quite sure what that means, but in the long run it doesn’t really matter. The fact is that, so often it will take days to have an order fulfilled, it’s nice when a company acts in hours instead.


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