Poker winnings

Posted: November 13, 2005 in General

I’m not a poker player. I barely understand the game, or at least I don’t have any experience playing the game. Sure I’ve dabbled a little online, but never really had the experience of a group of guys sitting around playing cards.

Saturday a Mike, Ben, Brian, Matt and Todd played tournament texas holdem at the Hartford Club (complements of Mike). Tournament rules mean that you play until you’re out, so it’s an all or nothing fight.

Our first game started at 6PM and lasted quite a while. I discovered that I had certain teflon abilities as I was “all in” (all my chips were in play), on the verge of being knocked out of the game, 5-6 times. I was able to pull back from the brink and win the first round, with Mike taking second place.

We were down to five players as the second round began. The cards and bets fell easier this time and I shot to a fairly easy victory and Ben came in second place.

The third round ended with Ben putting me out on the last hand, but who was I to complain about a second place finish.

One more of our group sat out on the fourth round as I (again) was the last man standing.

How did I walk away with most of the winnings? I don’t know. I certainly don’t believe that I am any more skilled than anyone else at the table (in fact, I know there are those with more experience than me). Maybe part of it is skill, but I’m going to chalk it up to dumb luck, but who am I to complain?


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