Posted: November 21, 2005 in General, House

We moved most of our belongings on Saturday, we enlisted the help of friends and family which (obviously) made the job a lot easier. Cara and I had never actually moved all of our stuff at once, this was the first time. There was a lot of stuff (not that it’s surprising, and I’m sure there are many people with more stuff than us).

We also arranged to have our bedroom furniture as well as the washer and dryer delivered on Saturday. Neither of which went smoothly. They couldn’t seem to get the dressers into the bedroom (although we didn’t have too much of a problem when we tried), and the room where the washer and dryer sit is just a little too small. They were able to get the dryer in, but couldn’t get the washer in. We had to pull apart part of the door frame, and get four guys to lift it up into the room.

I spent most of the day Sunday trying to get the dryer hooked up. Because of the setup of the room, the dryer could only be pushed about a foot from the wall, and the washer about 18 inches, barely enough room to get behind them and attempt to get them hooked up. Four runs to the hardware store, and three drier ducts later I was finally able to get everything in place… however again due to the setup of the room, we could only push the drier back eight inches or so. The drier door barely opens far enough to get clothing inside. At least the washer door opens (as long as you close the door to the room first).

Other than that things went well over the weekend. Cara unpacked most of the kitchen through Sunday, and we got the bathroom set up so we can shower (always a good thing). The guys from Comcast cable came out and got the cable hooked up (although I don’t know if everything is working yet because I don’t have a computer or a TV set up yet). We have a lot of work still to do, but maybe by the end of next weekend things will be closer to livable.


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