Snow blows

Posted: December 5, 2005 in General, House

This year’s odd weather behavior continues. We went from snow and 20 degrees, back up into the 60’s last week only to return to snow and cold weather over the weekend. Usually it doesn’t bother snowing until after Christmas, but this year we’re wasting no time I guess. On the up side, I guess we moved in at the right time. On the down side, we’ve had to manually shovel our driveway and sidewalk twice already.

Wasting very little time, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a snow blower (it wasn’t a question of if, but when, and mother nature convinced me that sooner is better). With that in mind I drove over to W.H. Preuss & Sons in Manchester and purchased a new Husqvarna snow blower. Of course it won’t be delivered until after the next two days of snow, after that I’m sure Murphy will forecast no snow until well into January.

I guess if my $950 snow blower can hold off the elements for another month, then I won’t complain (too much).


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