Posted: December 7, 2005 in General

I took a personal day today, so that Cara and I could go to New York City to see Spamalot. True to my nature I didn’t plan things out too well though. We didn’t really decide we were going to take the train until this morning, but by the time we left the house we were late.

We arrived at New Haven late, and considered catching the next train, but after driving around to the various parking garages we realized that there wasn’t any place to park. With that, we hopped on 95 and decided to drive to NYC. We pulled off the highway to grab some breakfast in Milford, and decided to try to catch the next trian there instead. This time parking wasn’t a problem, but just finding where to board the train (and get tickets), was difficult (there was construction all around the station). We finally found a schedule and realized that we would be late for the show if we waited for the train.

So again, we got back on the highway headed for NYC. After a brief stop for a map and some directions we were off to the city.

Getting into the city actually wasn’t all that bad. Traffic mid-day on a Wednesday was bareable. We parked the car, and stepped out into the bitter cold. We walked up 44th two blocks and made reservations at Sardi’s, before getting into line infront of the Shubert Theater.

I admit that my cost cutting (we paid $107 for 7th row tickets) hurt us, as we only had a partial view of the stage. We couldn’t see to the back of the stage, and anything on stage left.

That said, the show was great. I’m glad we were able to see it with Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, and Hank Azaria still in the cast. I think we may want to see it again (when it’s warmer).

After the show we walked over to the Hard Rock Cafe (we would have walked around Times Square a bit if it wasn’t so damn cold). We hung out in the HRC and had a few drinks before walking back over to Sardi’s for dinner.

Dinner was good (albeit expensive), before we got the car back and headed home.


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