Holiday Shwag

Posted: December 28, 2005 in General

The last two weekends have been holiday weekends, but have not felt all that festive (I’m not quite sure why). We invited Cara’s father and step-mother down the weekend before Christmas, we invited her mother and step-father down for Christmas eve (along with her brother), and we journeyed over to my parent’s to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.

I felt somewhat unprepared and uninspired this year, and our gifts may have shown that. We were down to the wire for some, and we just picked items off their list. For others we bought things on our honeymoon that we gave.

For Cara I splurged (knowing that it was a gift that I would make use of, and something she has been wanting for a while), and I bought her a Canon Digital Rebel. She bought me an aluminum racing jack for the Lotus and a case of Dr. Pepper (with real sugar instead of corn syrup). I picked up some other toys from family members (including 3 copies of the same book, and some toys for the Nano). Overall I wasn’t disappointed, but that said I plan on making sure next year is a bit more festive.


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