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mySQL broken in OS X 10.4.4

Posted: January 25, 2006 in Computing, General

Again, Apple f*s up the works with an OS update. I just spent more than an hour trying to figure out why mySQL isn’t working on my local Web server. I finally boiled it down to the socket being in the wrong place. I attempted to copy the socket into the directory PHP was looking for, but unix doesn’t allow copying of sockets (that’s a new one), I was on the path of trying to convince PHP to look for the socket in the new location when I ran across a page on MacOS hints describing the problem, and the fix. They suggest creating a link (instead of copying the socket) in the location PHP is looking for it.

Now I just have to hope that I didn’t lose all my databases. This is the fourth or fifth time that an OS update has trashed PHP, or mySQL. This time, it wasn’t as simple as a re-install or something simple, but an undocumented, pain in the ass (and I did a number of Google searches for things like “Can’t connect to local MySQL server” (which was the message I was getting) or info on the mySQL socket and Mac OS X.

Thank you Apple.


Scrubs, now into its fifth season just started it’s run earlier this month. NBC has been burning them off two at a time over the past three weeks. The last two weeks it went up against American Idol. I’m not a big fan of Idol, but with the ratings that it pulls in (19.6 million people watched it last night), the other networks aren’t really putting up much of a fight (which is wise). My issue is that I wouldn’t consider Scrubs to be the kind of show that you use for filler (which is pretty much what it’s been relegated to).

This, along with the “limbo” status that it maintained into this year (the fact that no one knew if the 5th season was even going to be broadcast), makes me think that NBC doesn’t see Scrubs as a valuable property. I don’t know what the cost of production is, and more to the point, I don’t know how much revenue it brings to NBC, but I can hear the nails being hammered into the coffin, which is a real shame.

Doctor Snooze

Posted: January 13, 2006 in General, Movies/TV/Music

Probably much to the chagrin of one of my friends I was really disappointed in the 1st (new) season of Doctor Who. After seeing the episodes I understood why Sci-Fi decided to pass on showing them.

Of course, now I read that Sci-Fi changed their mind and they will now be running the first season. I can’t say that I’m surprised, after all they’ve been creating ‘B’ movies for the last two years, so Doctor Who is actually an improvement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Doctor Who fan. I actually just finished watching the Key to Time series (which was originally aired in the late 70’s). My issue with the new Who, is that it’s that the script quality hasn’t improved. It’s still campy and silly, and I think that’s a shame.

Maybe I should give the BBC credit for not messing with an almost 40 year old recipe, but it could have been so much more. Maybe Battlestar Galactica skewed my view on this kind of thing. Maybe the BBC didn’t want to travel down the path that Fox had tried to take in the 90’s. Either way, Doctor Who is a couple decades behind the times (even if the special effects have improved).

Note to the BBC: If you want to mix humor and drama without pushing the “camp” factor over the edge, hire Joss Whedon as a consultant, and try to reorient Who to something a bit more adult.

Google makes maps annoy

Posted: January 12, 2006 in Computing, General

Tonight my wife and I decided to start planning a trip to Florida in May. The first thing I did as she started belting out ideas was to pull up Google Local and type in “Florida”, but instead of showing me the map of Florida it did a search around my home location for Florida.

Okay, that’s not entirely unexpected, so I went a step further and typed in “Sanibel Island, FL”, but again it refused to budge from my home location (and instead highlighted travel agents in the area). There is no “maps” link at the top of Google, but I know there used to be a so I went there.

Of course, it’s the same page, with the same results. I finally had to zoom all the way out to the entire map of the United States, then retype my “search”.

I finally found Sanibel Island, but why was it so hard?

Today’s announcements at MWSF were fairly unexciting. Sure Intel based macs are the future, but we knew they were coming. So what if they’re a little early, I don’t don’t think they will impact sales until we start seeing software that will run natively on them.

What gets to me is two things. First, the fact that Apple is charging $49 to “upgrade” their Pro applications so that they will run on the Intel hardware. Secondly, the fact that Apple is charging $79 for iLife, without offering an upgrade path.


Wearing protection

Posted: January 5, 2006 in General

After getting an additional 23 spam postings over the last 24 hours, I decided to do something about it. I implemented a spamquiz, that requires a user to answer a very simple question before posting a comment. Hopefully this stems the tide of spam.

You've been spammed

Posted: January 3, 2006 in Computing, General

I was editing the previous post, and I notice that I had a notice in my control panel that I had 384 comments in moderation. Holy crap. I rarely get comments, and right now the only comments that even go into moderation (rather than being posted right away) are posts containing certain keywords (one of the many nice features in Word Press). All 384 were spam, mostly online poker sites, but some for ring tones (and a few other various sites).