iLife (i.e. iRipmeOff) and Apple's announcements

Posted: January 10, 2006 in General

Today’s announcements at MWSF were fairly unexciting. Sure Intel based macs are the future, but we knew they were coming. So what if they’re a little early, I don’t don’t think they will impact sales until we start seeing software that will run natively on them.

What gets to me is two things. First, the fact that Apple is charging $49 to “upgrade” their Pro applications so that they will run on the Intel hardware. Secondly, the fact that Apple is charging $79 for iLife, without offering an upgrade path.

What bothers me about the “upgrade” to Pro is that $49 is beyond what I would consider the cost to ship and package a CD (and I would think that they could make the upgrade as a download only). I would not consider Intel compatibility to be a major upgrade (from a feature stand-point). To me it looks like Apple is milking their Pro users for extra $$ (maybe they figure that users that pay $800+ for software can afford it).

iLife for $79 bugs me for a couple reasons. First, I only want iPhoto, I haven’t used any of the other software (okay I used iDVD ’04 once). Second, I’ve bought iLife ’04 and iLife ’05 (and then got a copy of ’05 with Cara’s new laptop). Almost every other software manufacturer offers some kind of carrot for people who have bought their software before.

Bottom line is that I wouldn’t have paid another $49 for iLife, and I certainly won’t pay $79. I would hand over $39 for an “upgrade” or $29 for iPhoto (or how about a download only iPhoto upgrade for $19). In a year they’re going to ask us $99 for iLife ’07.

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