Google makes maps annoy

Posted: January 12, 2006 in Computing, General

Tonight my wife and I decided to start planning a trip to Florida in May. The first thing I did as she started belting out ideas was to pull up Google Local and type in “Florida”, but instead of showing me the map of Florida it did a search around my home location for Florida.

Okay, that’s not entirely unexpected, so I went a step further and typed in “Sanibel Island, FL”, but again it refused to budge from my home location (and instead highlighted travel agents in the area). There is no “maps” link at the top of Google, but I know there used to be a so I went there.

Of course, it’s the same page, with the same results. I finally had to zoom all the way out to the entire map of the United States, then retype my “search”.

I finally found Sanibel Island, but why was it so hard?

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