Boot Camp

Posted: April 6, 2006 in Computing, General

I thought I’d post my thoughts on Apple’s newly announced “Boot Camp”.

For those who have no idea what this is, it is “official” software from Apple to make any of the new Intel based Macs dual-boot capable. This means that you can choose to boot Windows or Mac OS when you switch on your computer.

As others have noted, this is great news for geeks. Most average users won’t use it. It’s not a completely transparent solution. You do need to reboot to take advantage of the other OS, and writing files between the two OSes isn’t perfect. Yet.

This is unexpected from Apple, and although they will always have to walk a certain line (can walk too far over on the Windows side), this is great news, especially for people like me.

I can ditch the PC from under my desk, and have one machine. I can play PC games, and take advantage of software that I just can’t get on the Mac. I don’t even mind paying M$ for a copy of Windows to get a fully functional PC for free.

I say this is a good start. Maybe Apple won’t blur the Mac/Windows line, but others will work on that.

Now I’m starting to wonder if I should buy that upgrade for the G4, or if I should hold out just a bit longer for the Intel based desktop machines.


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