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Building a better hog.

Posted: June 23, 2006 in Automotive, General

So I’ve had the idea for a number of months, that I thought building a Warthog replica (from Halo) would be very cool. I’ve done some searching online and haven’t found anyone who has attempted this, which makes it that much cooler (I guess not that many gear-heads are also gamers).

I mentioned this to Justin while we were out on the trail last weekend and he seemed to be as interested as I was in the possibilities of driving the real thing. Understanding that we’d have to make a number of allowances for the fact that we don’t have the amount of money, time and/or skill required to build a true replica we thought a close approximation would still be pretty bad ass.


Installing Acrobat.

Posted: June 20, 2006 in Computing, General

Installing Acrobat 7 on the Mac:

  1. Go to and click on the download acrobat link
  2. Mount downloaded disk image
  3. Run application on disk image
  4. Application installs “Adobe Reader Download”
  5. (Find, then) Run “Adobe Reader Download Manager”
  6. Adobe Reader Download Manager downloads another disk image
  7. Mount downloaded disk image
  8. Run application on disk image
  9. Application installs Acrobat.
  10. Delete “Adobe Reader Download Manager” from your applications directory

Are you kidding me? Two disk images, and two installers to install one application?

Saturday morning I woke up feeling tired, I always hate it when I can’t sleep in my own bed. After mulling around the camp we got prepped for heading out on our respective trips. I opted to take the “easy” trail, and Justin took the harder trail. I had a pretty easy time with the easy trail, we got back to the camp site about noon, and I was still feeling that I wanted to go out.


I was going to bail on going to the JonFund Field Trip after getting my tires earlier on Thursday and the white knuckled drive back home. Justin convinced me to try to fix the issues I had (with his help) so I could go. My major issue was that my wheel bearings have been in questionable shape for quite a while, and the larger tires and increases lift made it a scary ride, especially combined with the lack of sway bars.


Long Arms

Posted: June 12, 2006 in Automotive, General, Jeep

I am in the midst of installing my Long Arm Kit for the Cherokee. I’m ambitiously trying to finish the install up so that I can drive down to Milford and pick up my new 34 inch offroad tires in time to go on the JonFund FieldTrip this weekend.