Long Arms

Posted: June 12, 2006 in Automotive, General, Jeep

I am in the midst of installing my Long Arm Kit for the Cherokee. I’m ambitiously trying to finish the install up so that I can drive down to Milford and pick up my new 34 inch offroad tires in time to go on the JonFund FieldTrip this weekend.

Of course a project like this is fraught with little issues, sometimes because of questionable documentation (which all things considered, Rusty’s instructions are fairly comprehensive, however there are issues).

A few of my issues (so far):

* The instructions don’t call for a few specialty items that are imperative that you have. Two of such items are a 1″ hole saw (I seemed to have everything but), and most importantly a 90 degree drill. For the hole saw I actually bought a step bit from Sears that went up to 1″. This worked a lot better than trying to use a hole saw.

* The instructions indicate that you should pull the fuel and brake lines away from the inner frame rail before cutting (it’s great that they make sure you are aware of this), however there is no instruction, nor does the kit include anything to help locate those fuel and brake lines once you’re done with the install. I’ll have to come up with something (which shouldn’t be too difficult). It just would have been nice if they had provided a plastic separator for those lines that would attach to the backing plate.

* Probably my biggest issue (so far) is that my Skid Row engine skid plate uses the lower control arm brackets as mounting points. Part of the instruction for the kit is to cut these stock brackets off, which means I need to find new mounting points for the skid plate. Luckily Rusty’s skid plates use the same mounting location as the Skid Row plates, but they have an adaptor (not on their web site) that they use for owners with the long arm kit. I’ve ordered these adaptors, and I’m fairly confident they should work with the Skid Row plates without a problem (we’ll see).


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