Building a better hog.

Posted: June 23, 2006 in Automotive, General

So I’ve had the idea for a number of months, that I thought building a Warthog replica (from Halo) would be very cool. I’ve done some searching online and haven’t found anyone who has attempted this, which makes it that much cooler (I guess not that many gear-heads are also gamers).

I mentioned this to Justin while we were out on the trail last weekend and he seemed to be as interested as I was in the possibilities of driving the real thing. Understanding that we’d have to make a number of allowances for the fact that we don’t have the amount of money, time and/or skill required to build a true replica we thought a close approximation would still be pretty bad ass.

After a little research I was able to find a few specifications for what the general size of such a vehicle. What I assumed was Jeep sized is actually quite massive, with a 155 inch wheelbase (120% longer than a military Hummer). It’s far to wide to drive down a highway, so we’d have to scale it down a bit. After some quick 3D work we’re looking at something about 80% of the size of the real thing. About the size of an H1.

So, I think we’re serious about this project, but we’re probably going to table it for 8-12 months until we finish up a couple of other projects (I need to get the Lotus running again, and Justin wants to finish up his bug and build a few demo derby cars).

Stay tuned…


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