Sony… still dumb

Posted: November 18, 2006 in Computing, General

Sony is pretty much living up to their reputation this year. The meager supply of PS3s is being clamored over by fanboys. Sure, Sony is getting a lot of press (more than I recall Microsoft getting last year for the 360). None of it is really great press (although better than earlier this year). I think a lot of people think Sony has made many huge missteps this year, they have failed in so many ways (it’s not even worth recounting here).

The funniest thing about this whole situation is that the lack of PS3 hardware this Christmas means that many people are going to be picking up a 360 because they are so readily available (people who may have spent the $$ on a PS3). I think this is good news (more units sold, mean more games developed, and a longer life).

So DWJ got his PS3 Friday, and I went over after work. He had a single game “Resistance: Fall of Man” which looks very much like a launch title. Honestly it’s a typical first-person shooter, and looks like it’s development was pretty rushed (not a whole lot to fault Sony for on this one). Of course the ironic thing was that after a bit, we actually turned the PS3 off so we could boot up Guitar Hero II on PS2 (because there aren’t any joystick ports on the PS3).

Is the PS3 cool? sure, and in about 18 months we’ll really start to see some games that push the hardware, but for now I say there is no reason to buy one.


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